Teenage Girl Killed during DUI Crash

A teenage girl was killed last week as she and her friends returned from a birthday party; the man responsible now faces a murder charge for the felony DUI.

According to prosecutors, 26-year-old Austin Jeffrey Farley has pleaded not guilty to the charges of driving under the influence of alcohol and felony murder. At that time Farley was being held on $1 million bail. This isn't the first time that Farley has been arrested for DUI, however, as a 2009 arrest led to a guilty plea. At that time, the judge warned Farley that he could face murder charges if he took someone's life while driving under the influence.

Not heeding the judge's warnings, Farley took the wheel drunk and took the life of a 14-year-old girl last Sunday. When Farley made a left turn against the light, he crashed into a minivan carrying four teenage girls. The victim, Ashton Sweet, lost her life later that night.

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