State Legislator Apologizes to Consituents for DUI

Another state legislator found himself apologizing to his constituents, this time for driving under the influence.

State Assemblyman Martin Garrick was arrested last week to the Capitol when his vehicle was spotted speeding. When officers on bicycles asked him to pull over, he did not do so immediately. When they finally were able to get Garrick to pull over his state-issued car, they quickly determined that Garrick was under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs.

When asked why the assemblyman didn't pull over immediately, his spokesman, Mike Zimmerman, commented that Garrick had not heard the officers since his windows were rolled up. Officers originally pulled him over for going 45 in a 25 mph zone and going through a stop sign, but soon took him in for a DUI arrest as well. In a statement issued later that week, Garrick said, "I promise my family and my constituents in the 74th District that I will never drink and drive again."

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