Ohio State Senator Accused of DUI

A state senator from Ohio learned the hard way that drinking and driving are never a good idea, even if you are a legislator.

According to police reports, Republican Senator John McGee had spent a day out on the golf course, drinking and playing golf. When he left the clubhouse around 2 p.m., he found an unlocked vehicle that had the keys in it. Although the Ford Excursion was not his, he decided to drive it home anyway. However, he didn't notice that the SUV had a trailer attached to it and, when he attempted to turn the vehicle around, the trailer fell off and stopped the SUV short.

Rather than go home, the senator was witnessed walking up and down the street several times before climbing into the back of the SUV to fall asleep. The homeowners called local deputies to the scene of the accident, and McGee was taken downtown. When he blew a .15 on his breath test, McGee was booked for DUI, which, as McGee should well know, is twice the state's legal limit.

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