Police Officer Accused of Stealing iPad

In a strange turn of events, a police officer finds herself behind bars for stealing an iPad at the Miami International Airport.

Last month 25-year-old Kelly Janeth Mejia was taken into custody when she was seen on surveillance video stealing an iPad from a traveler. When the traveler spoke with Transportation Security Administration officials, she said that when she went to retrieve her iPad after going through the x-ray machine, it was missing. Upon reviewing the footage of the incident, TSA officials saw the iPad in "plain view" in Mejia's purse. When Mejia was questioned about the incident, she told officials that she had found the $800 iPad, and planned to "keep it."

This was a shock to her coworkers since Mejia has been an officer with the Fullerton Police Department, four of those years as a sworn officer. Since her arrest for third-degree grand theft, she has been placed on paid administrative leave. Mejia later appeared in court and pleaded not guilty to the theft charges against her; she is due back in court on Aug. 29.

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