Police Crack Down on Gang Crime

Law enforcement officials across the nation are cracking down on gangs in an effort to control criminal related activities. A recent raid in an Orange County neighborhood involving 500 state and local officials, as well as federal agents, is now being heralded as a delivering a serious blow to the area.

The crackdown completed a three-year investigation and led to the arrest of 26 wanted criminals. The officers had 57 warrants to serve on Friday morning and 25 of the people listed on the warrants were already behind bars for other crimes. The six men that are still wanted by officials have been upgraded to "fugitive" status.

Those who were arrested or handed new charges were named in June in one or more federal grand jury indictments. The individuals announced faced a variety of charges, from conspiracy and drug trafficking to murder. The suspects allegedly range from gang associates to well-known gang leaders.

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