Officers May Have to Be Retrained in Using Tasers

An administrative mishap may now mean that officers in San Diego County will have to be re-trained in using Taser equipment.

According to police documents, records of stun-gun training were not entered into the Carlsbad Police Department's computer system. The mistake only came to light when a man sued the city, claiming that he was improperly Tasered when walking home from a bar one night. As a result of the mistake, the department was unable to show that the officer had been properly trained. In fact, only 15 out of 89 records could be located for Carlsbad officers.

While officers in California are not legally bound to be certified to use the stun-guns, most departments do have some policy in place to provide training, even if just minimal training. However, this mistake will prove to be the strongest point for the criminal defense when arguing that their client had been improperly Tasered.

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