Mother Accused of Killing Son Faces Second DUI Arrest

It is a mother's worst nightmare to learn that her child has died and it is even more devastating when it happens as a result of her own actions.

A mother in Erie County is awaiting trial for killing her own son in a DUI accident last year. The case is being heard by a local judge who was shocked when he learned that the 40-year-old suspect was arrested again last week on drunken driving charges.

Rather than put her back in jail, the judge gave her another option: to stay at home with an ankle bracelet and to submit to alcohol and drug testing three times a week. Should she violate the new terms of her bail, the judge will reconsider the punishment and possibly order her back to jail.

Last year, the suspect was arrested after causing the DUI accident that took the life of her 14-year-old son. She was then placed into an outpatient drug and alcohol recovery program.

Facing charges for a DUI accident or vehicular manslaughter can be intimidating which is why people should consider hiring a DUI lawyer. If you're facing these types of charges, contact an Orange County DUI attorney from our legal team to get representation and guidance throughout your case.