Fire Truck Collision Results in DUI Arrest

A young man found himself in jail last weekend after crashing his vehicle into a fire truck.

According to the San Jose police department, a young man in his twenties was driving at excessive speeds near Mabury Road when he attempted to swerve away from a fire captain directing traffic. While swerving, he drove directly into the small fire engine that is normally used to combat brush fires. The force of the collision was so strong that the fire engine moved 15 to 20 feet upon impact.

Luckily none of the firefighters, who were working to extinguish a house fire, nor the fire captain, were injured during the DUI accident.

DUI is a serious criminal offense and if you are accused of causing a drunk driving accident, you can face enhanced legal penalties if you are convicted. For this reason, hiring an Orange County DUI attorney is a smart decision as you will have an advocate on your side. Contact our law firm to learn how we can help you fight your DUI charges.

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