Driver Accused of DUI Accident that Killed Her Friend

One woman has the death of her friend to mourn and police say the death is a result of the woman's drunk driving.

Officers from the California Highway Patrol were dispatched to the scene of a DUI accident last Sunday. What they discovered was a pickup truck that had rolled several times and landed in an embankment. While the driver was seriously injured, her 28-year-old male passenger was reported to have life-threatening injuries. He was rushed to a local medical facility where he died a few hours later.

The 28-year-old female driver was taken into police custody on charges of felony DUI. However, she too sustained major injuries and remains at a hospital where she is receiving treatment. As for the driver and passenger of the car the DUI driver hit, they allegedly sustained minor injuries and are recovering from the incident.

Officers are still investigating the DUI accident, but have released an initial report stating that the DUI suspect had changed lanes at a high rate of speed which prompted the serious collision.

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