Police Arrest Man for 18th DUI

Some people don't learn their lesson after drunk driving several times, especially not if they are William Ryland Beall of Santa Rosa. He went to jail for the first time in 1966 for a DUI offense and has since gotten eighteen more DUIs. Beall was arrested again and can expect jail time after being found guilty of violating probation by having alcohol in his home.

Although the arresting officers wanted him to go to jail, the judge overseeing his case considered a different option since Beall has expressed interest in alcoholism treatment. However, at that time the judge said that he must dispose of all alcohol in his home which Beall failed to do. He told the judge that he has asked a friend to get rid of the alcohol but they just hadn't gotten around to it yet.

Beall could be back out on the streets in as little as 18 months.

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