Insightful California DUI Statistics

Thousands of people are arrested each year for driving under the influence. First time offenders will have to spend thousands of dollars in court fines and lawyers' fees, as well as jail time. Worse than the offenders spending time behind bars are the hundreds of people who are killed each year, in California alone, in alcohol related motor vehicle accidents. 

Last year alone 950 people were killed and 25,914 were injured, according to the California Business, Transportation and Housing Authority. In fact, 31% of all traffic fatalities can be attributed to DUI accidents

In the state of California the mandatory sentence for first-time offenders is a two-day stay behind bars, as well as $2,300 in court costs, fees and fines, as well as a restriction of your license for at least 6 months. Those found with a BAC level of 0.8 and greater will immediately be taken into custody. They must also complete a first-time offender course that has been approved by the DMV.

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