Huntington Beach Will Not Shame DUI Offenders on Facebook

In an effort to reduce the amount of drunken drivers on the road, a councilman in Huntington Beach wanted to try a new tactic to get the message out: public shaming on Facebook.

Devin Dwyer wanted to collaborate with the local police departments to post pictures of people on Facebook who have had more than one drunken driving offense on their record. Although it is being met with great resistance from privacy advocates and many police departments, Dwyer states that, "If it takes shaming people to save lives, I am willing to do it. I'm hoping it prevents others from getting behind the wheel and getting inebriated."

Huntington Beach is of importance in the fight against drunk drivers as it ranks among the top of 56 California cities of similar size in alcohol-related traffic fatalities.  In 2009 alone 195 people were injured or killed.

The seven-member council was scheduled to vote on this proposal and it was rejected, meaning the public shaming would not be permitted.

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