DUI Accident Also Ruled Hit-And-Run

A DUI accident turned into a hit-and-run when the driver decided to leave the scene of the accident in Norwalk last week. Eileen Woodley, 47, was driving along the Sherwood Island Connector when she hit another car; she then drove away, only to be caught shortly after by police as she was pulling into her home.

Luckily the other motorist involved in the accident was able to jot down Woodley's license plate before she drove off. Since her eyes were bloodshot and she appeared to be "somewhat off-balance" the responding officers conducted field sobriety tests on Woodley. However, she failed all of the field sobriety tests and refused to the breath tests.

A judge issued Woodley a bond of $1,000 and ordered her to appear at the Norwalk Superior Court on Jan. 25.

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