Man Astounds Police with Number of DUI Arrests

While police are used to dealing with multiple DUI offenders, they were surprised to learn just how many times one man had been arrested on similar charges. Both the officers and the prosecutor were shocked to see that the suspect had been convicted twelve times prior for driving under the influence.

Officers stumbled on the suspect again when they drove past his car and saw a man slumped behind the wheel. Upon further investigation of the man, they saw a bottle of alcohol next to him that was half-drunk. When they were able to rouse him awake again, they learned his identity and his criminal past as well.

Since the suspect has not just a few multiple convictions but a dozen, he is likely to be facing serious criminal charges. He could face years behind bars, a sentence he could have avoided had he been arrested a few months later. New legislation in California is set to change DUI laws that would have affected his sentence.

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