DUI Deaths Drop in California

Great news for drivers in California: DUI deaths have fallen significantly. According to recent data provided by one leading source, the deaths are at the lowest rate ever since 1952.

Although data reporting has changed significantly since the 1950s, the figures reported for those years were much higher. There were 792 deaths reported in 1952, the highest figure by which reporting standards are measured by. The year 2010 saw 791 die due to alcohol-related car accidents, a figure that is still high but is lower than the previous year which had 950 deaths.

Officials have reviewed the latest data and believe that DUI safety checkpoints are one of the primary reasons for this decline. Thanks to the increased efforts of police officers in California that have been working on extra patrols, the number of roadway deaths has declined significantly. These extra patrols have been made possible by federal grants.

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