Officer Takes His Own Life Following DUI Accident

Tragedy struck a police department in San Diego, California when one of its own took his life last week.

The 14 year veteran of the police department was found dead in his backyard last week by his wife who called fellow officers to investigate the scene. They found a gun near his body, indicating that the 41-year-old victim had taken his own life. However, based on recent events, the officers and his wife were certain that the suicide was due to a DUI accident he was involved in just a few months before.

In February the officer, then off-duty, was driving on a freeway when he struck another vehicle. Rather than stay at the scene, he fled, leaving an injured female alone in her vehicle. After officers determined who their suspect was, they were saddened to charge him with driving under the influence and hit-and-run. The officer had been on paid administrative leave pending the results of his trial.

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