New Law will Limit Vehicle Confiscation for DUI

After relying on automobile confiscation as a significant source of revenue, some are none too happy to hear about new legislation in California that could limit it.

Each year the state runs checkpoints that are funded by federal grant monies. Last year alone, the state received $30 million to use for sobriety checkpoints across California. At these checkpoints, officers are allowed to impound cars if the driver is found to be intoxicated. However, the new bill demands that officers give the driver the option of calling a sober, licensed individual to drive the car away instead.

This bill came before the Assembly after claims were made against several law enforcement agencies that officers were targeting unlicensed Hispanics. Yet, legislators denied such accusations.

It is reported that many cities were bringing in thousands of extra dollars in towing fees alone for sobriety checkpoints each year.

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