DUI Enforcement Campaign Scheduled Over Labor Day

A DUI enforcement campaign has been so successful in California in the past that it will be conducted once again in Los Angeles to crack down on the end-of-summer crowd that is known to be rowdy.

Named for the number of agencies that participate, the campaign will be led by Los Angeles police over the next two weeks. Starting this Monday through September 4th, the DUI checkpoints will be set up across the city, beginning each night at 8:00 PM.

Even though their locations will be made public, the department hopes to scare drunk drivers into handing their keys over or avoiding the roads altogether. Labor Day weekend will coincide with the Maximum Enforcement Period, during which even more patrols will be on the roads conducting checkpoints and DUI tests across the county.

The department is expected to conduct at least 15 checkpoints across Los Angeles during the two-week crackdown on drunk driving.

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