DARE Officer Arrested for Driving Under the Influence

An officer of the law is the last person you want to see arrested for DUI, especially if he is one working for the DARE program.

Last week, officers in the state of Indiana were called to the scene of a crash where a pickup truck had plowed into a house. When officers arrived, they discovered that the driver responsible for the crash was not just intoxicated, but that he worked for a police department as a Drug Abuse Resistance Education (DARE) officer.

As a resource officer, the suspect worked with seven schools in the area, teaching children about the dangers of alcohol and drug abuse. At this time, the officer is facing charges for driving under the influence, but it has not been revealed if he will be suspended from his position.

A DUI arrest can lead to much more than embarrassment. If you're convicted, you may face jail time, fines and even driver's license revocation. For this reason, you'll want to fight your charges by enlisting the help of an Orange County DUI lawyer immediately. Contact the Law Offices of Virginia L. Landry to get legal help now!
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