Celebrity DJ Arrested for DUI

After her domestic partner spent much time in the news for her own legal troubles, a celebrity DJ found herself in handcuffs last weekend after being arrested for DUI.

The woman was driving near Baker, California when an officer clocked her going 89 mph in a 70 mph. The arresting officer pulled her over and when he realized that she appeared to be under the influence, he administered the standard field sobriety tests. Although she refused to take a Breathalyzer exam at the scene, she did submit to a breath test at the police department.

When the results of that test confirmed her intoxicated state, she was arrested but released later that day. Despite the negative circumstances of that night, the celebrity reportedly was cooperative throughout the duration of her arrest.

Being arrested for DUI can be frightening, but the legal process does not have to be. If you have been arrested for DUI, contact an Orange County DUI lawyer now to get the help you need to remain at ease throughout the duration of your case.
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