Biking Under the Influence is a Crime in California

While most people associate DUI arrests with driving a vehicle or motorcycle while intoxicated, you can also be pulled over by police for biking after consumption of alcohol and/or drugs.

In the state of California, if you bike under the influence (BUI), you can be stopped by officers, face arrest, and even be subjected to criminal charges. Although you will not get a DUI for drunken bicycle riding, BUI is considered a misdemeanor under the California Vehicle Code. If you're found guilty biking under the influence, you could pay as much as $250 in fines.

However, this sum may be considered small when compared to what you could face for a DUI arrest. In addition to paying fines, you may be asked to give up your license for a certain amount of time and you could even be ordered to serve some time in jail. Individuals arrested multiple times for DUI could even be charged with felonies, which can lead to lengthy jail sentences.

If you've been pulled over for driving or biking under the influence, now is the time to contact an Orange County DUI attorney from the Law Offices of Virginia L. Landry, Inc.. We offer case evaluations to prospective clients and would welcome the chance to discuss your case and charges with you.
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