Christina Aguilera will not Face Charges

Good news for Christina Aguilera: no charges will be issued against the singer for her public intoxication charges that were pending.

Her boyfriend, Matthew Rutler, also got off scot-free after the Los Angeles County District Attorney's office dropped his case, citing insufficient evidence to charge him with. The pair had been driving on March 1 when they were pulled over; Rutler was charged under suspicion of DUI. However, when officers administered the BAC test, they found his to be just 0.06, under the state's legal limit of 0.08.

The singer/actress was also charged, but with public intoxication, after being found to be "so intoxicated she couldn't take care of herself."  Yet even as soon as later that day, the Sheriff's Department announced that they had no intentions of actually charging her.

This only added to the drama in Aguilera's life at that time, as her marriage to Jordan Bratman was coming to an end and her U.S. tour was quickly canceled.

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