Woman Hits and Kills Bicyclist while DUI

Police say that a driver in North San Diego was placed under arrest on Saturday night after hitting a bicyclist.  According to the California Highway Patrol, 32-year-old Suzanne Reed hit biker David Bruce Menea at approximately 9:00 PM as he was crossing Main Street.  Menea died at the scene of the collision and police say that Reed did not stop, but continued to drive until she hit a parked car and the side of a liquor store.

Officers say that Reed's vehicle did not penetrate the liquor store, but one individual inside the facility suffered injuries due to broken glass.  Additionally, the individuals inside of the vehicle that Reed hit were injured, including a driver and two passengers.

The CHP has said that they will continue to investigate the DUI accident.  At this time, Reed has been charged with DUI and is facing charges for vehicular manslaughter.  The latter charge will be filed if Menea was crossing the street legally using a crosswalk light or a traffic light.

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