Woman Had Drinks Right before Accident and DUI Class

It is reported that moments before Lidia Kopach got into an accident that led to her death, she told her passenger that she needed to hurry home so she could get some rest before her DUI class the next day.

Kopach was involved in a single-vehicle rollover that occurred Thursday at around 2:00 AM.  Police say that Kopach stopped at a bar to have a few drinks with her passenger, Daniel Martinez.  Later, Martinez told officers that Kopach was concerned about making it to her DUI class, which was mandatory and meant to resolve a prior driving under the influence charge. 

As Kopach was driving, Martinez said he asked her to slow down as she traveled down Interstate 210.  However, she did not listen, lost control of her vehicle and rolled over.  Police say that speed was a likely factor in the crash that killed Kopach and injured Martinez.  They also say that if she had arrived at her DUI class showing signs of intoxication, she would have faced additional penalties

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