Governor Signs New DUI Law that Cracks Down on Multiple DUI

On Monday, the governor of California signed into legislation a new law that would allow people who are caught driving under the influence multiple times to lose their driver's licenses.

The new measures allows judges to revoke people's drivers licenses for up to 10 years anytime they have three or more DUI convictions within the prior decade. Before the new measure, courts were only allowed to take away a repeat DUI offender's license for three years.

The new law will start on January 1, 2012.  According to Assemblyman Jerry Hill, the legislation could remove more than 10,000 repeat DUI offenders from California roads each year. He said that in 2008, 188,000 DUI convictions were handed down and 9,164 of those DUI offenders were on their third DUI convictions.

In a statement, Hill said, "I urge judges across the country to use this new authority and take repeat DUI offenders off the road."

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reports every year in California, there are 1.5 million DUI arrests and 33% of those arrested are repeat offenders.

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