DUI Fatality Rate Drops in California

This week, it was reported that for the fourth year in a row, driving under the influence related deaths dropped in the state of California during 2009.  Additionally, motorcycle accident related fatalities decreased for the first time since 1998, marking the end to an 11 year cycle.  The state reports that there was a 10.3% decrease in total traffic deaths, which is great news.

The figures were released by the federal government and revealed that there were 950 DUI fatalities in the state in 2009.  This was a 7.6% decrease compared to 1,025 fatalities in 2008.  In 2005, the all-time high was established with 1,298 alcohol-related deaths. 

Sources say numerous things have played a role in the decrease of DUI deaths throughout the state, such as increased DUI enforcement and public awareness campaigns - one of the more successful campaigns being Report Drunk Drivers - Call 911.

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