Drunk Driver Steals Ambulance

Today, it was announced that sentencing for a man who admitted to stealing an ambulance from Sharp Memorial Hospital and leading police on a 12 minute chase while under the influence of alcohol will take place on November 1st.

The defendant, 52-year-old Paul Sos, pled guilty to charges of DUI, auto theft and reckless driving on May 4th.

According to Deputy District Attorney Renee Palermo, Sos went to the hospital around 5:00 AM on April 3rd.  He then stole an ambulance 90 minutes later after noticing the vehicle's keys were left inside.  The ambulance was reported as missing 15 or 20 minutes after it was stolen.

Police spotted the ambulance and then proceeded to chase Sos for 12 minutes.  Sos ran six red lights and stop signs before finally hitting a spike strip that flattened the vehicle's tires.

Sos has three prior felony DUI convictions as well as three misdemeanor DUI convictions, said the prosecutor on his case.

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