Drunk Driver Hits Police Officer

On Monday, police say that man was suspected of driving under the influence of drugs and crashing into a parked California Highway Patrol vehicle.  The man who is believed to have been driving under the influence caused an officer minor injuries as he was sitting in the car when it was hit.

According to police, the accident took place at 10:15 AM.  At the time of the crash, the officer was sitting in his car in the eastbound shoulder of Jamieson Canyon Road west of Lynch Road.  He had been responding to a non-injury accident and was completing paperwork while waiting for a tow truck to remove a vehicle damages in the collision.  Suddenly, someone slammed into his car. 

Police say that 55-year-old Charles Lalicata was driving the vehicle. The officer who suffered injuries was transported to Queen of the Valley Medical Center. 

Later, Lalicata was placed under arrest on suspicion of DUI of an unnamed drug, drug possession, and possession of John paraphernalia.

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