Two DUI Accidents Occured within a Mile of Each Other

In Butte County, California, police say that two men were placed under arrest after two separate DUI collisions that left two family members and a road worker dead near Chico.  The report of the deaths was made public by the California Highway Patrol.

According to the CHP, the first accident occurred on Sunday just before 6:00 PM on Highway 99.  During this accident, a man and a woman were killed.  To date, their names have not been released.

Following the first accident, 25-year-old Robert Barnes was placed under arrest after he showed signs of intoxication.

The second accident took place at 11:19 PM just three quarters of a mile south of the first collision.  During the second crash, 57-year-old Gary Smith was struck and killed by a vehicle.  He had worked for Caltrans for 33 years and left behind a son and a wife.

Police say that 45-year-old Russell Hodge was arrested in connection with Smith's death because he showed signs of impairment.

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