Salinas to Conduct Annual Turkey & DUI Checkpoint

This week, police officers in the city of Salinas say that drivers who pass through a DUI checkpoint may be offered a free turkey due to Thanksgiving.

During the holiday, the Safe Teens Empowerment Project in Salinas and the Salinas police department work together to conduct a DUI checkpoint at an undisclosed location.  This year marks the eighth annual Turkey & DUI Checkpoint offered by the city and it is said that it will take place just a few days before the holiday occurs.

The giveaway of a Turkey is not only meant to reduce the number of people who are driving while under the influence due to holiday celebrations, but is also meant to provide a meal for those who are in need during Thanksgiving.

All of the turkeys are donated by private individuals, team members from the local police department and local businesses. 

Were you recently arrested for DUI during a checkpoint?  If so, contact us to speak with an Orange County DUI attorney.

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