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DUI Offender Placed in Jail to Prevent Excessive Alcohol Consumption

In Montana, a 72-year-old resident whose bail was set at $2 million out of concern that he would drink himself to death if he were to be released from police custody has recently been sent to the state Department of Corrections. The man was also ordered to complete an alcohol treatment program.

On Tuesday, Carl Midland appeared in court and was given five years in prison with all but eighty days suspended on the condition that he successfully complete an alcohol treatment program.  His bail was also lifted.

In October, District Judge Dusty Deschamps set Midland's bail extremely high because he believed the man would die of alcoholism if he were released from police custody.  Midland had to appear before the judge because he continued to drink alcohol in excess which was a violation of his probation on a felony DUI conviction.

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