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Suspect had History of Attacking Women

In Southern California, a man by the name of Leonard Earl Scroggins is alleged to have been involved in attacks against women that date back to 1992.  Scroggins, a convicted sex offender, was suspected of attacking four women in the South Bay area.  He is also accused of sexually assaulting an Oakland woman in 2002.

After pleading guilty, Scroggins was sentenced with 10 years imprisonment.  Police say that during the attack that took place in Alameda County, Scroggins used a knife on a woman.  The way Scroggins acted at that time are very similar to the crimes he is suspected of committing this past week in National City and Chula Vista.

On Monday, police said that 32 year old Scroggins cut off his electronic monitoring bracelet.  He then appeared in Chula Vista where he attempted to rob a teenage girl.  He also tried to kidnap a woman and while using a knife, he injured her arm.  In National city, Scroggins stole a woman's purse and then tried to kidnap a 13 year old girl at knife point.  He was arrested shortly after that incident. 

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