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San Diego DUI Offender Pulled out of DeAnza Cove

In San Diego, it is reported that a man who was driving under the influence (DUI) and trying to escape police capture dove into DeAnza Cover on Sunday.  The incident occurred during afternoon hours and the man had to be pulled out of the Cove by lifeguards.

According to a police sergeant, the man drove by his patrol car on West Mission Bay Drive at a speed between 70 and 90 mph at 1:15 PM. 

The police officer started to chase him when the driver suddenly crashed into a fence, exited his vehicle and proceeded to dive in to the water to try to get away from police.  After lifeguards pulled the man out of the water, he was escorted to a local hospital and examined for injuries.

Police say that the man will face charges for driving under the influence. 

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