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San Diego Drunk Driver Causes Car to Split in Two

In the city of San Diego, police report that three people were hospitalized and a DUI suspect was released this past Wednesday.  According to reports, all people were involved in a DUI accident that caused a car to split in two.

California Highway Patrol reports that all four were traveling in a Dodge Neon on state Route 15 into south Interstate 5 at approximately 1 AM.  While driving, the person operating the vehicle lost control of the car and winded up crashing into a concrete divider. 

California Highway Patrol Officer, Tom Stromer, said that, "The driver was traveling at a pretty high speed."  The Officer also said that there was evidence that alcohol had played a role in causing the serious auto accident.

At this time, police are not releasing the name of the driver.  They only say that his passengers suffered moderate injuries and were recovering.

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