Results of DUI Checkpoint are in from the CHP

On Friday at 6:00 PM, the California Highway Patrol (CHP) started its Memorial Day holiday "maximum enforcement period".  The period lasted until Monday at 11:59 PM.  Last year, the CHP reported that 53 DUI arrests were made in Orange County throughout Memorial Day weekend.  This year, the CHP was happy to report that there were zero DUI fatalities during the weekend.

Last year, officers throughout the state of California made 1,465 arrests during the holiday weekend.  This year, that number increased to 1,541 DUI arrests.  Additionally, number revealed that 17 people were killed during motor vehicle accidents during this year's enforcement period.  Last year, 45 people were killed while driving on California roads during the same time period. 

Commissioner for the CHP, Joe Farrow, said that the 62% decrease in fatalities resulted from increased enforcement efforts and also greater public awareness.

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