Jason Wahler of the “Hills” pleads Guilty to DUI

Jason Wahler, well-known for his role on the popular TV show the "Hills", recently pled guilty to charges of driving under the influence in Orange County.  New sources report that due to his guilty plea, Wahler will have to serve two days in a county jail.

Wahler will also have to serve 3 years of probation and attend DUI school as part of his sentence.  The 23 year old was supposed to face related charges, but prosecutors decided to drop charges stemming from the same incident after he pled guilty.

In the past, Wahler has been arrested 6 other times for driving under the influence and has openly admitted to having problems with substance abuse.  In fact, in 2007, Wahler had to serve time in jail for DUI.  Wahler became infamous after dating fellow Laguna Beach and Hills star, Lauren Conrad, and stopped filming years ago.

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