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City Manager Stopped for DUI in California

Bakersfield City Manager, Alan Tandy, was recently stopped for driving under the influence (DUI).  The recent DUI stop shows that when it comes to drunk driving, the state of California does not play favorites.

After his DUI stop, Tandy released a statement which said, "The officers found that I was not intoxicated, which was the correct decision and a correct finding, and I was let go."

Police say that Tandy was stopped after an officer noticed that a vehicle was swerving on Truxtun Avenue.  After watching the car, the officer decided to conduct a DUI stop.  When the officer realized that he had pulled over the City Manager, he called a supervisor, Sergeant Melvin Johnson, to the scene.

Once Sgt. Johnson arrived at the scene, he spoke with Tandy.  After the conversation, Sgt. Johnson felt that Tandy was not intoxicated and said that the City Manager showed no signs of being drunk.  Tandy was released without being arrested by the officers.

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