Driver for DUI After 30-Minute Chase

Orange County Sheriff's Deputies arrested a man on suspicion of DUI yesterday after a 30-minute chase in Laguna Niguel.

Deputies signaled for Bradley Hier to pull over but he refused. Instead, Hier continued to drive through the streets of Laguna Niguel and Dana Point, and even obeyed traffic signs and stayed close to the speed limit.

Eventually an officer bumped the back of his car, which caused him to spin out and come to a stop. Inside the vehicle police found multiple bottles of Popov vodka.

Hier was arrested and taken into custody, where he was charged with driving under the influence and evading a police officer. The results of a breath or blood test have not yet been reported.

Pulled Over for DUI in Orange County?

If you are signaled to pull over, it's in your best interest to obey the officer's orders. Trying to run from the police will not do you any good. You will eventually get caught, and when you do you will still be arrested and charged with DUI, except now you will also face charges for evading police. The best thing to do is obey the officer's orders and pull over, even if you're worried about getting arrested. If you are arrested on suspicion of DUI, you can contact the Law Offices of Virginia L. Landry for help. An experienced and highly trained Orange County DUI defense attorney at our office can provide you with the aggressive defense you need against your charges, and work diligently in preparing a defense we feel confident will help you win your case.

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