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San Diego Bus Driver Arrested for DUI

On Tuesday, a deputy from the San Diego County sheriff's office stopped a North County Transit bus driver during afternoon hours.  According to reports, the deputy stopped the driver after a bus passenger told dispatchers that the driver was making unnecessary stops.  The passenger also told dispatchers that the bus driver appeared to be intoxicated.

At 4:25 PM, as the driver was traveling up 479 Encinitas Boulevard and transporting eight passengers, police pulled him over.  They then arrested the driver, 40 year old David Joseph Costello, after he failed field sobriety tests.

Costello was suspected of operating a commercial vehicle while under the influence of alcohol and is facing DUI charges at this time.  A spokes person for North County Transit said that the bus was operating on Route 309, which carries passengers from Oceanside to Encinitas.

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