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Imposter Attorney Gets 5 Years in Federal Prison

In Los Angeles, a Cuban man has received a sentence of five years in federal prison.  Police allege that the man, Raul Ernest Alonso-Prieto, had posed as an attorney in order to represent detainees in San Pedro immigration court. 

Alonso-Prieto was sentenced this Monday after he successfully reached a deal with federal prosecutors in December.  Prosecutors report that Alonso-Prieto was released from an immigration detention center in 2006 in Southern California.  He was released because the U.S. does not deport people back to Cuba.

Once he was released, Alonso-Prieto used the name and California Bar number that originally belonged to a dead attorney in Florida.  He then represented detainees in immigration court under this false identity.  Alonso-Prieto pled guilty to charges of mail fraud and identity theft after he was caught by law enforcement.

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