Former NASCAR Driver Arrested for Attempted Rape

This past Monday, former NASCAR driver James Neal was arrested for attempted rape, which is a misdemeanor sex crime in the state of California.  Shortly before his arrest, he had been released from the Orange County Jail after serving a brief sentence for a misdemeanor driving offense.

Hours following his release, 56 year old Neal was booked on suspicion of attempted rape and false imprisonment and placed back in jail.  News sources report that police were called to the apartment of a Lake Forest woman.  She reported that there had been a fight and that Neal has attempted to rape her.  She also said that Neal, whom she knows, would not leave her residence.

In May, Neal was arrested by officers after leading them on a high speed chase on Interstate 5.  Police tried to stop him for not having a front license plate, but he refused to stop.  They were able to arrest him later when they found him standing next to his sports car on the freeway.  It appeared that his engine had blown out, causing him to finally pull over.

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