Orange County Man Charged with Hacking Women's Computers

In Los Angles, it is reported that a man from Orange County is expected to endter pleas in federal court.  The man, 31 year old Luis Mijangos of Santa Ana, is accused of hacking into hundreds of computers to extort sexually explicit videos from both women and teenage girls.

At this time, Mijangos is facing a 16 count indictment and his charges include:  conspiracy, mail fraud, aggravated identity theft, wiretapping and extortion.

Police say that Mijangos managed to trick 230 people into downloading a virus.  Once they had downloaded the virus, he was able to take control of their computers and laptops.  Mijangos would look through files to find compromising images of women and then send threatening emails to the victims to coerce them into sending him videos of them engaged in sex acts.  If they didn't consent, he would threaten to email their images to contacts on their mailing lists.

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