12 Year Old Called 911 to Report her Mother's Drunk Driving

In the state of New York, a 12 year old passenger called 911 to report that her mother was driving under the influence.  Reports indicate that the vehicle the mother was operating was swerving down New York state highway and that the mother had a blood alcohol level that was twice the state's legal limit.

Following the girl's report, 49 year old Jamie Hicks was arrested on suspicion of DUI.  Hicks had been driving on Interstate 84, which is approximately 50 mile north of New York City.

Police say that Hicks' blood alcohol level was .18% and that she also had her 10 year old son in the vehicle while DUI.

Police Capt. Robert Nuzzo said, "This young girl made a very brave decision."  He also reported that Hicks, "was acting odd, speaking incoherently and swerving in and out of traffic."  The daughter told police a similar tale.

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