Twitter Being Used to Warn About DUI Checkpoints

Police have long used DUI checkpoints as a way to catch people driving under the influence. In the past, checkpoints were never announced, as the point was to catch unsuspecting drunk drivers. Because drivers were never aware of where and when a checkpoint would take place, it was easy for police to catch people driving under the influence and place them under arrest.

Today, things are slightly different. Like almost all aspects of our culture, technology has come in to play. For some time now, newspapers and other news outlets report on where and when a checkpoint is scheduled to take place. But now drivers are taking the matters into their own hands. More and more people are twittering about DUI checkpoints to warn friends not to drive in that direction if they have been drinking. Because Twitter provides information instantly, a user can create a tweet warning his or her friends about a checkpoint as soon as he or she hears about it, sees it, or goes through it.

So how do police feel about using Twitter to warn friends about DUI checkpoints? There tends to be a difference of opinion. Some police don't mind that people share information about the checkpoints, but just want to make sure that people who should be arrested for DUI don't evade getting caught, as those people are ultimately risking the lives and safety of other drivers. Some officers are worried about drivers looking their cell phones while driving to check for warnings, as a many of the latest cell phone models have apps or access to the internet. These distractions are incredibly dangerous, especially when a person has already been drinking.

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