OC Man Loses Dog After DUI Arrest

When Don Ninow was arrested for DUI in Huntington Beach, he never thought his mistake would have an impact on his beloved dogs.

After rear-ending the car in front of him at a red light, the 76-year-old man was arrested on suspicion of driving under the influence of drugs.  It is unsure what type of drugs Ninow was taking, but his significant other said he takes heart medication, as well as medication for blood pressure and diabetes.  Because the case is still under investigation, police have declined to comment about what led them to believe Ninow was driving under the influence.  However, Lt. Russell Reinhart of the department says the arrest was perfectly legal and more than justified.

After Ninow was arrested he was taken into police custody and the police had his car impounded. 

Ninow had had his two dogs in the car with him, a Maltese and a Yorkshire terrier, at the time of his arrest.  When Ninow was released from custody that same day, he went to look for his dogs.  The Yorkshire terrier was taken to OC Animal Care, but it the Maltese could not be found.

Ninow is claiming the police forgot about his Maltese, and left her in the vehicle while it was impounded.  Ninow believes that because the Maltese was in a carrier, the police accidently left the dog in the vehicle.  The dog was left in the car for about 26 hours.

Ninow has since filed a claim against the city for $9,999.99.

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