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California DUI Statistics

The following statistics and information are based on the most recent data from the California Department of Motor Vehicles, which is based off the year 2007:

General Overview

  • Per 100,000 licensed drivers, 863 people were arrested for DUI
  • The total number of drivers arrested for DUI was 203,866
  • The number of felony DUI arrests was 6,264
  • The number of misdemeanor DUI arrests was 197,602
  • The percentage of DUI convictions as of September 2007 is 75%
  • The number of alcohol-involved reckless driving convictions is 15,121
  • The percentage of alcohol-related reckless driving convictions as of September 2007 is 7.4%
  • There were 1,489 alcohol-involved fatalities
  • 30,783 people were injured in an alcohol-involved accident
  • 749 people were killed in drug-involved accidents
  • 2,464 people were injured in drug-involved accidents (some of these cases involved both alcohol and drugs)

License Suspensions/Revocations (Before Conviction):

  • .01 Zero tolerance suspensions: 22,112
  • There were 123,594 first-offender suspensions (with BAC of.08 or more)
  • There were 42,979 repeat offender suspensions (with BAC of .08 or more)
  • There were 3,528 repeat offender revocations (with BAC of .08 or more)
  • Action was taken against 2,903 commercial drivers
  • Chemical test refusal actions: 9,581
  • There were 426 suspensions for .01 test refusal
  • There were 5,627 suspensions for .08 test refusal
  • There were 3,528 revocations for .08 test refusal

License Suspension/Revocations (Post-Conviction)

  • 1061 juveniles had their licenses suspended
  • There were 124,436 first-offender suspensions
  • Of the 124,436 suspensions,122,102 were for misdemeanor charges
  • Of the 124,436 suspensions, 2,334 were for felony charges
  • There were 34,296 second offender S/R actions
  • Of the 34,296 S/R actions, 33,649 were for misdemeanor charges
  • Of the 34,296 S/R actions, 647 were for felony charges
  • There were 8,063 3rd offender revocations
  • Of the 8,063 revocations, 7,830 were for misdemeanor charges
  • Of the 8,063 revocations, 233 were for felony charges
  • There were 2,790 4th offender license revocations
  • The total number of suspensions and revocations in 2007 was 170,646

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