What Professionals Are Considered the Worst Drivers?

The online agency insurance.com conducted a study to determine which group of professionals were the worst drivers, and their findings might surprise you.

The profession that nabbed the number one spot is surprisingly, or maybe not so surprisingly, attorneys! When asking for a car insurance quote, 44% of attorneys claimed they had been involved in at least one accident.

Here is the full list of the top 10 worst drivers by profession:

  1. Attorneys/Judges
  2. Financial Professionals
  3. Government Workers
  4. Bartenders/Waitresses
  5. Business Professionals
  6. Dog Groomers
  7. Marketing/Advertising Professionals
  8. Barbers/Stylists
  9. Coaches
  10. Nurses

The agency believes distractions are the number one reason why these professions rank so high on the list. Professionals whose jobs require multi-tasking on daily basis are simply prone to more distractions, and consequently are at a higher risk of getting involved in an accident, said Sam Belden, vice president at insurance.com.

Two of the professions among the safest drivers were homemakers and athletes. Belden says that when children are in the vehicle, as often is the case with homemakers, drivers tend to be much more cautious.

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