Two OC Men Arrested for Assaulting Officer with Gun

Two Orange County men have been arrested after assaulting an officer with a weapon.

The arrests were the end result of an incident that occurred last month in Santa Ana. The officer was off-duty but en route to work when he almost got into an accident with the suspects.

The four suspects got out of their vehicle to confront the officer. One of the suspects pointed a semi-automatic gun at the officer, who in turn fired his weapon at the suspect in self defense.

No one was hit by the bullets and the officer drove away. He notified detectives at the Santa Ana Police Department who were able to track down the suspects and place them under arrest.

Only two of the four suspects were arrested: 18-year-old Sergio Elisazzaraz of Santa Ana and 25-year-old Amaury Vega Luqueno of Santa Margarita.

Both men were booked into the Santa Ana Police Department jail and charged with assault with a deadly weapon.

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