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Woman Claims Man Fell From Her Truck

Proving that you should not allow passengers to ride in the open bed of your truck, 32-year-old Share Rubi Ann Martinez was arrested on Thursday for the death of her passenger. The young man, Enrique Ramirez Alvarez, was just 21 when he fell victim to Martinez's reckless driving and unsafe riding habits. The incident occurred on Highway 101 in Santa Rosa.

Although she is now claiming that she had no idea that Alvarez had fallen out of the truck, investigators are not buying her story. When he did fall out he was struck by another truck passing by, leading to his death.

Jonathon Sloat, an officer with the California Highway Patrol, reported that Martinez was picked up late Thursday night on charges of felony DUI, suspicion of manslaughter and felony hit and run. It is unknown at this time whether she has retained an attorney.

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