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Sheriff's Deputy Returns to Work Post DUI Arrest

Jereme Dintelman, a sheriff's deputy in Pulaski County, is back at work after a drunken driving charge against him was dropped. The sheriff who fired him, Randy Kern, is not happy about this turn of events. At the time of his arrest Illinois State Police say that Dintelman's blood-alcohol level was .281, which is three-times the legal limit. They insist that he was way past the level of intoxication.

However, the sheriff's deputy exchanged the charge of DUI for a charge of reckless driving by working with a special prosecutor on the case. Dintelman had to officially go on record and admit to his reckless driving. When Dintelman filed a grievance for his firing, the county board rehired him, believing that it would be cheaper than a lawsuit over unfair labor practice complaints.

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